Located in East Africa, Uganda is one of the leading tourism destinations in Africa credited with different splendid nature wonders. One of them is diverse collection of different wild animals found in its national parks. Today, this country hosts one of the highest number of tourists among which include those who come specifically to go on different game drives in different parks simply to have a live look at some of the rare mammals. It’s now undoubtedly that the adventure a visitor is exposed to while on a Uganda safari the best one can ever get especially while enjoying the beauty and splendor of the hard-to find nature wonders.

Although less marketed compared to gorilla trekking, wildlife tours in Uganda have gained a massive momentum when it comes to attracting tourists and this is credited to the numerous wild animals found in the country among which are those which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. A trip to any of the country’s national parks is a dream come true which involves different encounters with the animals as they graze and hunt for food. Another reason for the increased wildlife safaris to Uganda is that they are cheaper compared to gorilla tracking tours. Unlike trekking the gorillas where a visitor is expected to obtain a gorilla tracking permit, with game drives, a visitor only pays park entrance and guide fee. This makes it more affordable and worth the price compared to other activities. Some of the animals one can expect to see on a trip to this Pearl of Africa include;- lions,elephants,antelopes,leopars,cheetahs,elephants,giraffes,Ugandan kobs, rhinos, zebras, wildebeest, hippos, buffaloes and many more. These offer the best experience to a visitor especially while in the while where nature is at its best observing them roaming about the whole park. Many foreigners including both tourists and researchers visit Uganda every year with an aim of going to those places where they can have the best view of these wild animals and most of them get amazed by what they see.

Although game drives have currently become one of the most interesting activities on a Uganda safari, there are mixed reactions on what is the best national park to go for a successful wildlife viewing. However, the fact remains that all parks offer a thrilling experience and undoubted adventure is expected on a visit to anyone them. The list of parks where one can go for a wildlife tour in Uganda include, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls NP, Kidepo Valley National Park, Semuliki NP and Lake Mburo National Parks. These are the best points for a hilarious wildlife experience although a visit to other parks may guarantee two or more encounters with the wild animals.

It should also be noted that there are best times for game drives in the various parks of Uganda and this is mainly during the dry seasons which run from December to February and June to September. The reason behind this is that roads are impassable during rainy seasons making it hard to have a successful drive through the parks.