The Rainforest Lodge located in Mabira Forest Reserve 56 kim from Kampala about 48 minute drive and 28 km from Jinja town about 29 minutes drive

The Rainforest Lodge is placed in the middle of Kampala, and Jinja. This ” adjacent far away cabin’, has turned into a most loved among both occupants and visitors. Set on a slope, and encompassed by forest overhang, the Rainforest Lodge has won the hearts of nature partners and progressives apparently equivalent, around the world. With in excess of two hundred square kilometers, the Mabira Forest is Uganda’s second biggest tropical rainforest. This interesting eco-framework has its own particular micro atmosphere, with precipitation and temperatures distinctive to the open farmland.

The Rainforest Lodge gives the chance to experience nature untouched in this period of environmental change. At this hotel you will comprehend the sensitive symmetry between human intercession, and the need to save our planets diminishing assets for future eras.

Room Type Full Board
Single $210
Double $330