About Car Hire Uganda

When traveling to Uganda you should thing of car hire that is if you are staying for long. Car hire in Uganda is one of the rapidly developing sectors in the country with many business oriented people coming up with car rental companies. In most cases, tour companies expand their services by opening up a department of car hire in the company. This is done to avoid expenses on outsourced car hire companies in case they have a safari to work on. As you may well know when a safari itinerary is being prepared, car rental is part of the costing and a driver is accounted for while coming up with the final cost of the safari. This means that a tour company has to outsource vehicles from other companies incase it doesn’t have its own hence making the safari a bit more costly. However, expenses would be reduced if the company has its own vehicles and drivers who at the same time act as guides. This is the reason why in most case tour companies in Uganda extend their operations to car hire. But let’s have a wider view of what car hire is;

What is Car hire?

Car hire simply means acquiring a vehicle from a well registered company for use at a cost. The user of the car pays a certain amount to the company which owns the cars and this is the fee called car hire charge. This charge varies from one company to another depending on the company policies put in place. Car hire is the same as car rental because they both involve borrowing a vehicle at a cost.

Where to get cars for hire while in Uganda?

There are many car hire Companies in Uganda including those registered and the unregistered. From experience, I recommend clients to use those that are registered and have a good reputation in dealing with customers. Maranatha Tours and Travel Ltd is one of the leading car hire companies one can use because it has all the necessary experience and its cars are always in good conditions to hit the roads. It’s always a hard thing to select which company to hire cars from but one thing am sure of is that safety is key while choosing one. Everyone needs to get to his/her destination safe without any inconveniences and in a good car without any dangerous mechanical condition. This is why a choice of a well recognized and trusted company is key.

How much does it cost to hire a car?

This question is important especially to those who have never rented a car in Uganda. There is no actual price for renting a car in Uganda. The cost depends on the type of car one needs to rent and the number of days one will spend with the car. It also depends on the company’s pricing policies since every company has its own policies. However, the estimated cost for small cars like the 4×4 Rav4’s is US$30 per day. Safari vans go for an estimated fee of US$ 70 per day.

What types of cars are available for hire?

There are different types of cars available for rent. This includes 4X4 WD cars like 4×4 landcruiser, 4×4 Omni bus, 4×4 Rav4 and buses.