Welcome to the pearl of Africa, “surely gifted by Nature.” Uganda is unique in many ways, with friendly people, good weather and beautiful landscape. It boasts of virgin national parks ideal for Uganda Safaris and gorilla tours because of her remarkable wildlife variety. Uganda has 10 national parks with and a number of game reserves that have played an important role in attracting people all over the world to visit the country that has a summery of Africa.


§ White Water Rafting : With over 25 years of world wide operations we are proud to have led quiet a remarkable first descents- Blue Nile in Ethiopia, Indus- Pakistan and pioneered rafting in over 8 countries worldwide.

§ Gorillas; besides rafting, gorilla tracking safari is a main country activity as half of the worlds gorillas are found in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Gorilla Tracking Permits in Uganda cost USD 475 for East African Residents and USD 600 for Non residents. Its advisable to book gorilla permits months prior to your visit.

§ Chimpanze Tracking in Uganda has also attracted several tourists to Uganda with 4,950 chimpanzees, as these are the closest living relatives to Humans as they share 98% of the human genes.

§ The Source of the Nile the longest river in Africa with Lake Victoria as its source provides adventure through bungee jumping, white water rafting, cruises, and scenic beauty.

§ Forest Walks through Uganda’s tropical forests are a major attraction. Forests like Budongo forest, Mabira forest and Mpanga Forest are ideal for bird watching and forest walks.

§ Mountaineering is also a major attraction with the Rwenzori Mountains having the highest mountain ranges, and the Elgon mountains providing mountainering experiences to travellers.

§ Ssesse Islands are a major attraction especially for honeymonners, with 84 Islands and activities like Bird watching, boat rides and fishing.

§ Cultural Attractions include Kasubi Tombs; A burial place to former Kings of Buganda, the Uganda Museum, The Bahai Temple, Wamala Tombs, The Namugongo Shrines and other atractions around the city.

Useful safari information

A Uganda Safari promises the best African Attractions tour and Uganda Holiday : from the experience of gorilla trekking to game viewing through different national parks in Uganda, a safari in Uganda is rewarding with lifetime memories! While in Uganda, you can choose from scheduled safaris where you will travel with other members on board but in small groups or a private safari.

If you need assistance in planning your safari dont hesitate to contact our expert travel advisory.The information provided on this website is intended to ensure you have a perfect vacation You will find an abundance of information related to primate tours, launch cruises on the Nile , sightseeing tours, mountaneering safaris, birding safaris and trips covering many safari destinations in Africa.

Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris that enable you to Explore Uganda’s National Parks. We are experts in organizing Gorilla Safaris, Chimpanzee tracking and habituation adventures, cultural safaris and wildlife tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

How to Choose the Best Safari

There is a wide range of safaris to take in Uganda. From renowned Gorilla Safaris that enable you track the endangered mountain gorillas from Bwindi & Virunga Gorilla Conservation Areas to traditional safaris in national parks, you have a lot of options to create your own safari. Other activities that are included in most adventures are chimpanzee tracking, leisure holidays in islands, mountaineering, white water rafting & kayaking, cultural tours etc. Just email the travel agency you would like to use for your travel arrangements, and a custom trip will be created for you